Use Dejora to Enhance Your Senses

Your senses are your connection to experiencing life in real-time.
Enhancing your senses can totally shift the way you experience your day to day life, making you love life and giving you a profound appreciation for being alive.
Your senses rely heavily on information relayed to your brain so you can experience life in real-time.
When translating emotion connected to sensory information, the quantity and quality of the sensory information will increase.
Increased sensory information = a deeper, richer experience of life
The result is that your senses become heightened, providing a sensory enhanced experience of life, all day, every day, in a natural way.
Enhancing your senses happens automatically as you translate both negative and positive emotions that you feel in real-time.
You can also focus on enhancing your senses by slowing down your experience and noticing what your senses are making you feel in each moment.


Your sense of taste can be developed to optimize digestion, increase your energy and enhance the pleasure associated with taste. Use Dejora to translate your emotions associated with taste to gain all three benefits.
For instance if you are eating a strawberry, pay close attention to each bite, the texture, the flavor, the aroma and how it makes you feel.
When you finish the strawberry, use the translate command and that will enable Dejora to enhance your sense of taste.
Use Dejora with every flavor that comes across your lips to enhance the sensation, pleasure and energy that each substance can offer you.


Smell is the most primal sense that you have. Smell connects you with your animal instinct and a very powerful source of energy.
Your sense of smell directly links you back to emotional memories and pulls them up in real-time. Notice how different smells make you feel and then use the translate command to enhance your sense of smell.
Remember, it doesn’t matter if it’s a negative or positive emotion induced by the scent. Either emotion will enhance your sense of smell when translated with Dejora.
Enhancing your sense of smell has many powerful effects on your brain, including the ability to enhance your other senses.
Smell is linked to primal survival mechanisms that enhances your ability to be alert, aware of your surroundings, perceptive of others intentions, cognizant of patterns and ready to take action at a moment’s notice.


Hearing affects the way we feel in such a powerful way. The plethora of sounds, voices and music adds a powerful diversity to the spectrum of sound.
Each unique sound as well as combination of sounds induces different emotions that can be harvested using Dejora’s translate command.
If you are listening to music, there is a certain volume that you can listen at that will captivate your mind and transport you into a deep emotional experience.
In the midst of this kind of experience, use the translate command to capture all of that pure emotion.
This will enhance your sense of hearing, while also upgrading all of the different types of information associated with the emotion.
Slow time down by focusing on the sounds around you and notice the emotional effect they cause.
Use Dejora with all of the unique sounds that you hear to enhance the full spectrum of sensations that sound has to offer you.
As you train your sense of hearing, you will notice the new layers of emotion and information as you listen to your voice as well as other people’s voices, enhancing your communication.
This new sensory awareness will sharpen your ability to communicate.


Your sense of vision connects you to the physical world and at the same time, it’s possible to internally visualize anything your imagination inspires.
Simply from watching, you can learn through your eyes. The detailed information that your eyes can detect and transfer to your brain is beyond incredible.
To go into observer mode, silently watch each thing that is going on in front of you. In this real-time moment, you are in the midst of a pure emotion directly connected to your vision.
Check in with yourself to identify how you feel about what you are observing. Then use the translate command to enhance your vision so you can acquire even more detailed information.
Both negative and positive emotions can enhance your vision, enabling you to acquire more information through this sense.

Your Visions Within Vision

Throughout the day, your mind can effortlessly slip into your imagination about what is possible. These internalized visions hold incredible amounts of emotion that guard valuable information, held deep within your core.
These visions from within you, are your body’s gift to you. The life you dream of is possible, the emotions you feel while immersed in these visions are real. Within these emotions is the information you need to make your dreams come true.
When you recognize that you are inside of one of these visions, use Dejora to harvest that emotion and unlock the magical seeds that will grow into beanstalks.


The sense of touch can bring intense pleasure but can also bring excruciating pain. Translating emotions connected to touch is a powerful method to enhance your connection to your own body.
Slow your mind down, run your hands up and down your body, slowly, and notice how it feels. Afterwards, translate the emotion with Dejora.
It’s possible, when you are disconnected with your body, that your touch sensation can be a numbed out. This lack of sensation and connection to your body can be frustrating, which is a great negative emotion for you to translate with Dejora to repair your connection.
Too much sensation can also cause you to disassociate with your body which will have a detrimental effect on your relationship. You can translate this emotional intensity with Dejora to calm your body down and get to a point where touch becomes an enjoyable experience.
If you feel isolated, alone and desperately need human contact, don’t be fooled into thinking that you need someone else for this. This is your body calling out to you to reconnect with it.
Spend 30-90 minutes with both of your hands moving all over your body the entire time. Don’t take them off, not even for a moment.
Watch what happens, notice how you feel afterwards, feel the difference in your state of mind when you are connected to your body.
The most important relationship you will ever have is with your body and this happens through touch.
The highest state of mind you will ever achieve is directly related to the connection you have with your own body.
As you increase your sense of touch for your own body, your ability to sense and feel other bodies will also increase.

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