Use Dejora To Customize Your Own Nutrition Plan

Using Dejora to translate the emotions you feel before, during and after you eat, enables you to discover your own custom nutrition plan based on your body’s unique chemistry.

Before You Eat

Before you eat something, you can also feel the emotion connected to what you want to eat. If the emotion is intense, it can blind you to the information about how you will feel after you eat.
With some foods, even if you know you will feel sluggish, bloated or disgusting afterwards, you still want to eat it anyways. You do this because the addiction shows up in real-time as an intense positive emotion.
Addictions, to almost every chemical substance, have highly charged positive emotions connected to them.
Translating these emotion before you eat, can stabilize your state of mind, reducing the power that these addiction have over you.
The new information unlocked will give you more conscious control over your food choices and actions.

After You Eat

Every time you eat, the food you put into your body influences the way you feel and think. You may not be aware of it, but as you increase your emotional intelligence, the effects your food has on you will be very obvious. 
Whenever you eat something, you feel how the food affects your body afterwards. When translating this emotion, you raise your awareness about the food you are putting into your body.
This new information enables you to start making better decisions for what you eat next time.

While You Eat To Enhance Your Sense of Taste

You can also use Dejora’s translate command to enhance your sense of taste while you are eating.
For instance if you are eating a strawberry, pay close attention to each bite, the texture, the flavor, the aroma and how all of it combined makes you feel. When you finish the strawberry, use the translate command and that will enable Dejora to enhance your sense of taste.

While You Eat to Chew Your Food More And Gain More Energy

If you notice that you are not conscious while you are eating and you shovel the food down your throat as fast as possible, you can use the translate command in-between bites to increase your consciousness associated with your food.
The more conscious you become while eating, the more you will enjoy the real-time experience. The more you chew your food, the more energy that the food will give you. The less you chew your food, the more energy it takes to digest your food.
If you feel tired after you eat your food, the issue is either what you ate or that you didn’t chew enough or possibly both.

Dealing with Food, Drink And Other Chemical Cravings

Besides food, you can use Dejora to help you with any chemical addictions that you may have. Using Dejora before and after the use of the addiction is recommended for maximum benefits.
Withdrawals, cravings, body tremors, and emotional outbursts are all powerful opportunities to use Dejora in real-time.
Remember Dejora’s motto… 
“Any state of mind other than your normal state of mind is a disempowered state of mind.”

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