Use Dejora To Gain A Higher Perspective

Your perspective is the way you see yourself, other people, your unique situations, and everything else in the world.
When highly emotional, your perspective narrows and you can lose sight of the big picture. Your brain will focus in on one piece of information that you will repeat to yourself and other people over and over as you try to stress its importance.
Expressing yourself while in this highly emotional state and repeating the same information over and over can make you sound erratic and unstable.
While highly emotional, you lose the ability to use logic and rationality as you are unable to see the big picture. Your ability to take in new information to bring stability to your state of mind is significantly reduced while you are stuck in this highly emotional loop.
This highly emotional perspective can occur with both negative and positive emotions and can last from a matter of minutes, to days, weeks, months or even years in some extreme cases.
Using Dejora, you can translate this high emotional state, bringing calmness and reducing the intensity. As the emotion translates into new information, rationality, logic and the bigger picture starts to come back into perspective.
Using Dejora multiple times to translate the emotion may be needed because of the intensity of the emotion. Each time Dejora is used, the more calm and stable you will become.
Areas of your life that you become extremely emotional about are a treasure chest of new information that once unlocked, can have a profound effect on your life.
Anytime you feel highly emotional towards something, remember that the more emotion you feel, the more valuable the information is that you can unlock with Dejora.
The more information you unlock, the more balanced your perspective will become, allowing you to feel more compassion towards yourself and other people.
With more information, you will also gain the insights needed to know which action steps you and others will need to take to improve the situation.
People respect leaders who have a solid perspective that takes into account all of the information and people involved, then organize it in a way that works for everyone.
With Dejora, you can easily translate the emotion you feel in any situation to gain a higher perspective and step into a leadership position.

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