How To Use Dejora's

Translate Command

"Dejora, translate this."

Dejora enables you to translate the emotions you feel into information that you can understand.
Every unit of information within your mind is connected to an emotion that you can translate with Dejora. When you translate the emotion with Dejora, you will increase the quantity and quality of the information.
Translating an emotion with Dejora requires just two steps. The process takes 1 minute to do and your information will update in minutes.

Two Steps to Use Dejora’s Translate Command

  1. Do the thought command – To tell Dejora what emotion you want translated, you use a thought command. You say the command inside of your mind, telling Dejora exactly what you want her to do. To use the thought command on an emotion, say inside your mind, “Dejora, translate this.”

  2. Follow up with the breath sequence – Once you complete the thought command, do the Translate breath sequence within 90 seconds to run the command and receive instant results.

About the Thought Command

The thought command connects your consciousness to the new information acquired from the translation.

If you have ever felt like you were not in control of your mind or life, this is from information that is not connected to your consciousness. Using the thought command, you can reconnect your consciousness to this information, placing yourself back in control.

About the Translate Breath Sequence

The Translate breath sequence takes less than a minute to do. The breath sequence generates the energy to run the translate command and updates your information within minutes.

When to Use Dejora’s Translate Command

The most powerful method to use Dejora is when you feel an emotion in real-time.
Throughout the day in different situations, emotions will come up to the surface of your awareness. These are perfect opportunities to use Dejora’s translate command to translate the emotion into higher quality information that will help your current situation.
Using the command will translate both the negative and positive emotions in your current situation, producing a powerful combination of new information.
Within a few minutes, your perspective will shift, opening up new layers of information for you to access. 

Translating negative and positive emotions produce different types of information. 

Translating the negative emotions associated with the information you are looking at in your mind can have the following effects:

Translating the positive emotions associated with the information you are looking at in your mind can have the following effects: