Use Dejora to Sharpen Your Communication Skills

The quality of almost every interaction we have with another person depends on our ability to communicate clearly and effectively.
The quality of your communication depends on three things:
  1. The ability your senses have to gather as much information from the person as possible.
  2. Your ability to process this information in your mind based on what your goals are for this interaction.
  3. Convey the information that you feel is relevant for this person to have based on your goals.

Sensory Intake Of Information

Enhancing your senses to absorb more information in real-time is a powerful benefit that automatically occurs as you continue to use Dejora on a daily basis.
The emotion infused into the words a person speaks gives meaning and life to the words. The higher you raise your emotional intelligence, the more in-tune you will be with the layers of emotion expressed in a person’s voice.
The expression in their face and the movement of their body also provides information from the person while they are communicating to you.
By increasing all of this sensory information, you will become more receptive to people when they communicate with you. When you are receptive, people feel that and they appreciate it. They feel more connected to you and gain a deeper level of respect for you.

Internally Processing Information

No matter what a person is saying to you, in your mind, there is always going to supportive and conflicting information. Some things you will agree with and others your will disagree with. This happens in your mind every second someone is speaking to you.
Every supporting piece of information generates a positive emotion, while every conflicting piece of information produces a negative emotion. Both of these types of emotion provide the opportunity for new information.
Keep in mind that you are not just converting the emotion from the words spoken. All of the information gathered through your senses has emotion attached to it. When you use the translate command, Dejora will be taking into account all of the different types of sensory emotion when unlocking the new information.
After translating this emotion with Dejora, you will unlock new information providing a higher perspective. The higher perspective transcends the conflict between your information against the other person’s information.
The result is a synchronistic viewpoint that solves the conflicts with your information while ensuring that the quality of the message both of you want to convey is kept in high standards.
When you have all of this information put together in a solid package, you embody the message and that is the key component to relaying your message to the other person.

External Expression Of Information

How you communicate your message to another person is more than just the words you speak.
The person is going to receive your message through all of their sensory channels as well. In order to improve the odds that you receive the type of response that you desire, it is vital to fully embody the message in your presentation.
Emotion is the maestro that connects all of your senses together into a single synchronized unit. Emotion is also the director when coordinating your presentation using the full expression your body is capable of.
While people normally avoid emotions because they don’t know how to manage them, with Dejora, you train your brain to embrace your emotions for everything they are capable of.
As you increase your emotional intelligence, you will notice the presentation of yourself in regular interactions become more expressive. You can’t help it, it’s because you feel more and it feels great.
The more you solve the problems in your mind, the more you will notice your thoughts come into alignment. You feel more solid about what you say because there is less confusion and doubt within.
You will reach a point where your communication becomes a pure expression and you will be listening to yourself speak instead of logically planning what you are going to say next.
When this happens, your communication is going to enhance to a whole new level.
As you listen to yourself, you will notice the subtle layers of emotion within your own voice.
  • You will hear when your words are weak and have no support.
  • You will hear when your words are solid, backed with layer upon layer of information.
  • You will hear when your words are forced, as if to compensate for something.
  • You will hear when your words are not your words, you are reciting someone else, making you feel awkward and foreign to your own voice.
  • You will hear when your words are trying to avoid going into something.
You will hear all these interesting layers that generate a subtle emotional reaction within you that can be translated with Dejora.
Every time you analyze your words in this way and use Dejora, your communication will become even more pronounced.
Of course, once you gain the skill to analyze your own words this way, you will be able to hear the subtle layers in other people’s communication as well.
Eventually your communication will reach a level of intelligence where you feel excitement and sheer curiosity to hear what comes out of your mouth next.

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